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Larissa Böcker
Larissa works at Holstein Forum since September 2019. She is responsible for the areas of genomics, sales and bookkeeping. As a trained and experienced tourism clerk, she not only has in-depth expertise, but also knows how to keep an overview and stay calm in stressful situations. In the Holstein Forum team, Larissa can also combine her love to animals with her job. She speaks the languages German and English and fulfills her tasks with heart and soul.
Alica Sommer
Alica has been working as a temporary assistant in Breeding and Sales since she started studying agriculture in October 2019. She grew up with Holstein Forum and successfully completed her 2-year training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk in our company in June 2019. Alica already has a sound knowledge of Breeding and a lot of experience in all areas of work. With her young and dynamic nature, she is usefull anywhere. She speaks the foreign language English.
Joe Schweigen
Joe Schweigen started his work for Holstein Forum in the area of purchasing and sales in December 2016. As a specialist agricultural host, hoof keeper, fitter and breeder, he is very familiar with breeding and the Show scene. Since 2016 we have a successful collaboration with Joe as team- and barn manager at auctions in Germany and abroad. In 2019, Joe joined Antimonium Holstein Farms which brought him a lot closer to his dream of having an own breeding herd. He speaks the foreign languages German, English and French. His native language is Luxembourgish.
Astrid Fertig
Astrid has been working at Holstein Forum since January 2017. She is responsible for the Marketing, Online Sales and Im- and Export. As a native Danish she enriches the company through her optimistic and humorous nature. The international office clerk has a solid experience in various, globally active companies in the area of product marketing, which she brings to the Holstein Forum. However, influenced due to her childhood on the grandparents farm, her down-to-earth-attitude has always maintained. Astrid speaks German, Danish and English.
Bernd Sommer
Bernd is the CEO and owner of Holstein Forum GmbH. In April 1994 he founded the company together with 2 partners. In 1999 he was taking over the sole management and ownership of Holstein Forum. Bernd is the heart of our company. He focuses primarily on the faculties of top genetics - breeding programs, national and international market / competition / distribution of exclusive genetics auctioneering, im- and export of breeding animals, as well as cooperation with breeding organizations, AI studs and breeding farms. He speaks the foreign languages Schwäbisch, English and French.
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