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Vision, Mission and Values
Our company vision
„We are the reference for exclusive genetics for many people.“

Our company mission
„We offer an exclusive and high grade range of genetics and services at competitive terms to the many friends and partners in the breed.“

Our values

Visionary thinking and acting
Our idea of the desired, qualitative and long-term position of our company in the national and international Holstein market is clear. With this goal in mind, we are accelerating, with energy, joy, confidence, optimism, courage and passion, the development of business and relations.

Success through team performance
The whole team is motivated and enthusiastic to achieve short-term and long-term goals. Teamwork is truly at the heart of what we do. Every day we are meeting the challenges of our tasks, the market and do result and goal oriented work. Our drive here are the requirements, desires, thoughts and experiences of our customers and business partners. Together, we do have the strength and the will to achieve good results, to find innovative solutions and actively develop our individual skills too.

Basis of our actions
Our activities are characterized by respect, fairness, appreciation, honesty, integrity and loyalty. Here we take the responsibility to be a good example; towards the animals, the people, the society, the resources and the environment. We stand together for a corporate decision, reliably hold our word, are cost conscious, communicative and open to criticism. Of course, we are not always flawless and perfect. However, we develop from our mistakes and are eager to learn something new every day.
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