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Process and terms of the sale
1The sale includes offers, which could start at different dates and could have different durations. When you are registered, you have insight to the offered sales animals / embryos. Sales animals / embryos are usually of #1 quality and EEC-qualified.
2The sale will take place in a bidding process with different start prices, i.e. the prices will increase EUR 50 per bid during the auction, as long as the sale is not announced in the direct purchase procedure. As soon as the bid has reached the minimum price, the indicator 'Current Bid' will turn from Red into Green. Embryos are sold in packages, the purchase price per package is calculated on the price of the embryo and the number of embryos.
3Buyer is, who placed a sufficient bid and is the highest bidder at the end of the auktion. Please note that your bid is binding and concludes a valid purchase contract with us. The purchase price consists on the bidding / package price plus 7 % value added tax (VAT). Price to be paid by the buyer: Price bidden out by the auctioneer + 8 % (embryos) / + 4 % (animals) commission and handling fee + 7 % VAT. An official invoice will be sent by mail immediately after the sale ends. Delivery after payment (payment in advance).
4The current location / storage of the sale subject is shown along with the sale offers. Costs for import / export, shipping etc. will be separately invoiced at the time of delivery.
5The delivery date will be made after consultation and as soon as possible.
6In addition, our general terms and conditions are subject to be agreed.
7If you have further questions about pedigrees or cow families or auction process or the auction settlement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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